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Marketing orientation is instrumental to the success of every brand and in JEFI we seek perfection in anticipating, delivering & satisfying the needs of our consumers. Therefore, we produce high quality products and exceed consumer expectations in our products, not only we deliver our products, we also focus in brand development. We believe in branding and that is the key reason why we always support our brands.
  In order to support our brands, we develop various medium that is impactful in delivering such marketing communications, not just any brand support but a whole
comprehensive range of total brand support.

Point Of Sale Materials (POSM)
These are marketing tools which are developed by marketing professionals from our global resources. We realized that a good POSM will deliver the right message to our targeted consumer at the POS affecting high Brand shelf off take.
Below the Line Support (BTL)
Various thematic activities to boost the growth of our brands in our markets which are tailor made to suit to every local operating condition in the industry. Our brand support activities are very focus in line to our marketing objectives and delivering high impact.

Above the Line Support (ATL)
In order to reach our targeted consumers, we not only focus at BTL level but in totality utilizing some of the proven concepts in ATL that is designed to deliver effective top of the mind recall. All our ATL initiatives make use of various advertising vehicles therefore ensuring maximum reach in our communications objectives. Popular market driven ATL programs that are evident in our successful brand support initiatives from around the world.
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